How often should I post on social media?

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re an energized entrepreneur, building a brilliant business—and you’ve just set your sights on unlocking the treasure chest of untapped potential that is social media marketing! Of course, the alternative is that you’ve stumbled here by a curious chance, in which case you may wish to discover: why do so many contemporary brands pour such efforts into their wider digital presence?

The reality is that drawing engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can work wonders for lead generation and building a brand to be bigger and better. The key to claiming these rewards is understanding how to harness social media, and that very topic is exactly what we’re going to delve into here today. For businesses exactly like yours, claiming the power of social media can be like supercharging your digital marketing efforts. So let’s begin!

Boosting Brand Visibility, Awareness, and Authority

How often should I post on social media?

We’ve all heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind,” and when it comes to forging a modern business, this is especially true! Within today’s world, just about everyone is glued to their smartphones, and most use social media as a way to stay up to date, connect with friends, and discover businesses offering everything that their hearts desire. With so many options, it’s critical to post to all social media networks and post every day.

When you post frequently on social media, not only do your followers get a regular reminder that you are their go-to source for whatever it is you’re selling but inevitably some of their friends will too. This is particularly true if your posts draw high engagement, as social media algorithms will market your posts to other like-minded people! In this way, as more and more followers hit “like”, “follow”, or “subscribe”, the resulting audience reach can swell exponentially.

Your social media posts will drip-feed a fresh dose of life to your established audience and to a growing web of potential new customers. When your posts are regularly scheduled and engaging — whether they are entertaining, enticing, or informative — they will also serve to bolster customer interest and loyalty; as well as perceived brand expertise, authority, and credibility. Make no mistake, if you don’t bother to post, you won’t experience that social media magic, and you may be regarded as less of an expert by readers.

Unlocking the Technical Advantages of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to growing your brand through social media, engagement is the ultimate holy grail. When people hit that thumbs up, comment on, and share your posts, those posts are more likely to begin to trend — meaning that a whole lot more eyes are going to encounter them. Once this begins to happen, you can expect to enjoy a boost as search engines like Google also perceive those shared pages from your website as more valuable, ranking them higher in search engine results pages (that’s SERP, for short), delivering yet more website traffic.

Another techy treat that comes with social media marketing is the capacity to gather far more accurate market research metrics. As you roll out more and more social media posts, you can monitor which ones get the most engagement, and evolve your marketing strategies to transform that engagement into tangible lead generation and ultimately, conversions!

A Marketing Strategy that Builds Its Own Momentum

Whether you’re sharing your latest kick-ass blog post, images of your new product releases, or exclusive links to seasonal promotions, every single click holds the potential to transform into a sale. On your website, be sure to hit the mark with great calls to action, such as opportunities to sign up for your mailing list or a tempting “buy now” button that will help you seal the deal. Better yet, when your social media posts and the content they cover are on point, this kind of marketing starts to spread and self-power.

If you’re having trouble coming up with content and ideas to post about, check out They offer pre-made content lists that are of high quality so you can just copy, paste, and relax.

Social media can help you reach new audience members especially when you implement #hashtags like a pro. Users often search using hashtags so choosing the right ones can pay dividends. Social media is also a great place to nail your PR and drive up customer satisfaction as you interact with your engaging followers. Finally, customer-generated content can help your brand’s reputation grow, whether in the form of good customer reviews or stylish snapshots of your products. You can also team up with other brands that share your audience or popular social media influences in order to spread your reach even further.

How Often Should I Post?

There’s a good deal of research out in the ether on how often businesses should post on social media for ultimate success. The consensus stands in the ballpark of a few posts a week to 1 per day for Facebook, 1-2 posts per day for Instagram, weekday posts on LinkedIn, and around 5 posts per day on Twitter. Why so many? Well, Twitter’s zippy real-time feed means that tweets tend to disappear from the top of the feed fast, and frequency is key if brands are to enjoy engagement!

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably thinking, whoa, how can I keep up with all of that? Successful businesses are using social media management tools like the ones Gravyware offers. This handy automation tool allows them to maximize social media engagement and lead generation while safeguarding time and attention — so they can keep doing what they do best! One post can be sent automatically to many different social media networks, and you can schedule your posts months in advance.

If you are ready to start forging a successful social media marketing machine and would love a little help while you keep your business cogs turning, Gravyware is a great option. It’s free to try out the software and it’s easy to use. It allows you to post to multiple networks at once, provides crystal-clear analytics, and even helps you schedule your posts up to 6 months in advance.

Hope this helps. Post often, cast a wide net, and reap the rewards!

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