How The Best Social Proof Software Tools Can Help Increase Conversions

Social Proof

Social proof is critical to the marketing of your business and social proof software tools help you expedite your marketing efforts.

How can you increase engagement, generate leads, and improve conversions all at once?

We are often told to “trust our gut” when making decisions. But, what about trusting the opinions of others instead?  Social proof is a marketing technique that uses social media engagement and word-of-mouth testimonials to increase conversions on your website. There are many social proof software tools that can help you take advantage of this marketing technique.

This blog post will explore how you can use social proof to boost engagement on your site and generate more revenue for your business!


I recommend showing testimonials from happy customers on your website. This can help increase trust with potential buyers because they will be able to see that other people have had a good experience with your product or service.

Some fun examples:

social proof software tools example
social proof software tools example

Customer reviews

“This was exactly what I needed.” -John H., Seattle, WA “Great quality at such an affordable price!”Lindsey M., Portland

Including customer reviews on your website is also a great way to generate social proof. Potential buyers will be more likely to buy if they can read honest feedback from others who have already purchased the product.


Call to action

Showing off your “fomo” is another great way to generate engagement on your website. Fomo stands for the fear of missing out, and it’s a powerful marketing tool because many people will purchase something just so that they don’t miss out on an opportunity. Displaying social icons with real-time updates can help increase conversions by making visitors feel like they need to be part of the action!


Engagement Links

Another way to use social proof on your website is by displaying engagement metrics. Things like the number of likes, shares, and comments that a post has received can help convince visitors to take action. When they see that a post is popular, they are more likely to want to join in on the conversation!


Popup notifications

Showing engagement metrics and social icons is only part of the equation. You also need to show visitors real-time updates as they happen! Popup notifications are a great way to inform customers when someone has liked or shared their post, so that they can continue engaging with your community through other platforms.

  • “John just liked this picture!”
  • “Mary just commented on this blog post!”

Using these six tips will help you integrate more effective forms of social proof into your marketing strategy. Social proof doesn’t guarantee increased engagement, but it certainly increases engagement opportunities by making people feel like everyone else is taking action – which motivates them to take similar actions themselves! This can help your website increase engagement and conversions as a result!

Of course, I have to mention that you can get all of these notifications for free at

Good luck!

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