About Us

Hi. I’m David Garthe. I’m the creator of Gravyware.

For over 25 years I’ve worked in various technology roles from Architect to Executive. I like talking tech, coming up with solutions to complex problems, and helping people.

I’ve also created numerous businesses and sold one or two along the way.

I seem to have a gift for embarrassing myself in big public speaking moments. Get me in front of a thousand people, and I will forget everything I practiced. I’ve had cringeworthy moments on multiple occasions. I did end up joining Toastmasters, and after giving many speeches in that environment, I can honestly say I’m slightly better.

I was in an infomercial once.

Oh, and I like to compete in triathlons and other endurance events. I was fortunate enough to qualify and compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

If you like endurance sports, check out iRace.