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Hiliter Chrome extension

We released a quick Chrome browser extension that we built for internal use, but perhaps it will assist you also.

It’s free, so please try it out and let us know if it helps you as well.


The Problem We Needed to Fix

We were always coming across mentions of our products in articles that we knew nothing about. It got us wondering how many other mentions we were missing and knew nothing about. We were spending a lot of time reading through articles and social media and forums because we didn’t want to “miss” someone commenting about our products.

We also wanted an easier way to track our product mentions in news sites and forums. We spend so much time sifting through posts that we needed a better way. We were probably missing someone writing about our business or bypassing links that someone has pointed to you.

Scrolling through endless social media posts is exhausting and impossible to digest everything.  I just want to find the posts that mention my product and company name.  This results in a lot of wasted time, which is why we developed Hiliter Chrome extension. This chrome extension will immediately highlight your keywords and links whenever they exist on any website you visit.

The Solution

With HiLiter Chrome extension, you’ll be able to save time by never having to search for your links or keywords again. You’ll be able to scroll quickly and only stop on those areas that contain your keywords and links.

Potential Users

  • Marketing Agencies – It’s an easy way for you to keep tabs on customer mentions in articles/forums
  • PR Firms
  • OEMs
  • Brand Managers
  • SEO Specialists
    • Where are you mentioned?  Where are your links on a page?  Are they NOFOLLOW links?
  • Venture Capital Firms
    • Keep track of your investment mentions.

It’s free, so please try it out and let us know if you find it useful.



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