4 best Motorized Suitcase Options For Adults (2024)

modobag motorized suitcase

Looking for a luggage option that can help you get around the airport with ease? Are you traveling with small children that need assistance around a mega-airport? Are you one of the tech enthusiasts that need to charge the batteries in your devices constantly? Then we have the motorized luggage for you!

This is our list of the best-motorized luggage options for adults! These connected carry-on pieces of luggage come with built-in wheels and motors that make the long treks through airports much simpler. They are perfect for savvy travelers who want to avoid dragging their luggage through the airport and need to get someplace quickly. Who wouldn’t want a suitcase with motorized wheels?

If you want a suitcase you can drive (a.k.a. driving suitcase), then read on cowboy!

Carry On Luggage

Motorized suitcases are typically designed to be carry-on bags. You’re not going to check this bag in, you get it to ride the bag to the gate. So expect this bag to be on the smaller side. It will need to conform to the size and weight standards that most airlines dictate.

I tend to have only carry-on luggage about 90% of the time, so it’s critical that I don’t need to check anything in. Read on to think about the things to consider when purchasing motorized luggage you can ride.

Are Motorized Suitcases Legal?

Luggage with non-removable batteries is banned on most airlines. Smart luggage with removable batteries is legal, but the battery must be removed and carried onboard. The battery can’t be in your checked-in luggage. So if the electric riding suitcase you’re buying is a carry-on model, you’re good to go.

If you have any concerns about this, contact the Transportation Security Administration.


A piece of luggage, after all, is meant to store things. A motorized suitcase’s storage capacity will be smaller due to the motor and electronics that make it rideable. Be aware that the overall capacity will be slightly less than a typical carry-on bag. But you can’t exactly zoom past everyone on a standard bag, can you? Drivable luggage is special.

I find that most of these options below have enough space for an overnight’s stay, but not much more than that.


The motor and additional electronics do increase the bag’s weight. This is important as some airlines dictate that carry-on luggage must not weigh more than a set limit. Here’s a good list of maximum weights allowed for carry-on luggage by each airline from the international air transport association.

For the record, I’ve never had any airline weigh my carry-on luggage. However, I have seen a heavy carry-on bag hit a passenger in the head when retrieving it from an overhead bin. Be aware that it may be more challenging to stow and retrieve the bag if extremely heavy.

Construction and Design

I’m not sure how critical this part is. You’re going to be straddling this thing and riding it around an airport. But you still want your rideable luggage to look good. So make sure it’s something you like to look at.

We all understand that airport workers don’t tend to gently handle luggage when you’re not looking. They secretly toss your bags like they’re qualifying for the Hammer Throw finals in the Olympics. While these luggage options are designed to function as carry-on luggage, there is a chance they may have to be checked in. If that happens, will it stand up to this rough handling?

Look at the social proof on each manufacturer’s website. What are other people saying about them?

Similar to choosing any luggage – color, texture, rigidity, and reliability are factors to consider. Make sure it’s wear-resistant, as all smart suitcases should be.

Wheel Size and Material

Larger wheels will get over bumps easier. Rubber wheels will be smoother than plastic ones. Metal rims should last longer and support more weight than their plastic counterparts.

Wheel composition and size are important factors if you ever need to travel over anything that is not super smooth on your adult ride-on suitcase. You probably won’t go off-road with your drivable suitcase, but it won’t hurt if it can handle a few bumps now and again.

Load limit

How much weight can you put on an electric suitcase before it no longer works? If you’re a large person, will the motor transport someone your size? Make sure this human airport transporter does what you want it to and gets you to the plane in time!

Be aware that top speed may be affected the closer to the suitcase’s load limit.


This isn’t just a box, it’s a fully functional vehicle. So you want to make sure the manufacturer stands by its electric rolling suitcase if something goes wrong.

  • What is covered?
  • If a part is faulty, can you replace it easily?
  • Do you have to send it in to get serviced or can you replace it yourself?

Just a few things to think about.


These motorized luggage options can be more than just for you. There are other benefits to possessing such a storage vehicle.

  • Save your back. Put the children on them
    • Are you traveling with small children that may need to be carried to the gate? Consider having them sit atop the pull-behind or motorized suitcase so your back isn’t destroyed for the vacation? They’ll love it and arrive at the gate happy.
  • Most options include a “power pack” function where you can charge your smartphones with the luggage battery. This is perfect for long trips when your phone or iPad needs a quick battery boost on a long flight.
  • Certain models have “follow me” capabilities for those times you don’t want to ride, but don’t want to pull the luggage either.
  • If all the seats are taken at the gate, the suitcase offers you a place to sit. I like this a lot since most of my flights, along with most business travelers, are during the morning or rush hour. It’s always nice not to squeeze into a seat between two strangers if I can find a seat at all.

Impression From Other Savvy Travelers

Motorized luggage is still new and not often seen by other travelers. Be prepared to get plenty of stares when you zoom past them in the terminal on your fancy adult ride-on luggage. If you tilt your head back and laugh while passing them, you’ll enjoy their surprise even more.

Do everyone a favor and avoid plowing into anyone. And think twice before riding through the airport while intoxicated and getting in a motorized suitcase chase. That will get you the wrong sort of attention.

Is a Motorized Suitcase Right For Me?

Do you like to have fun? Do you like to try new things first? Do you like the idea of a brand new unused suitcase? Do people staring at you make you feel empowered?

If you answered yes to all of these, then a motorized suitcase is right for you!

The Best Motorized Luggage Options

Savvy travelers and tech enthusiasts know that a connected carry-on is the future. Let’s go over the options.

TOP Pick

Modobag 2.0


This bag is comfortable and roomy, extremely well-built, and made in the USA. It looks great too.

They retained 85% of the storage area and included many options not found on other motorized suitcases.

The Modobag is built to last a long time, can charge your phone and tablet, and has GPS real-time tracking built in.

Also, they just released the new and improved 2.0 model, and it’s $500 cheaper than the first model. What’s not to like?

Oh, and it’s fun to ride. I love it. Go get one.

modobag motorized suitcase


Mechanical Features and Specifications
  • Motor – Belt Driven, Maintenance-Free, High Torque 150 Watt Electric
  • Speed Control – Indoor and Outdoor Settings
  • Thumb Action Throttle
  • State-of-the-Art Lightweight Lithium Batteries
  • 80% Charge in 15 minutes, Full Charge in 2 hours
  • Battery Life – Over 4,000 Full Charge Cycles
  • UL Approved Smart Charger
  • Memory Foam Cushioned Seat
  • Dual Wheel Braking System
  • Outdoor and indoor speed setting.
  • Fully Removable Battery
  • TSA, FAA & IATA Compliant
  • High-Performance CNC-Machined, Sealed-Bearing Steering Column
  • Telescoping Aluminum Handlebar Assembly
App Features
  • GSM-GPRS Real-Time Tracking
  • Proximity Alert
Exterior Features
  • High Strength Ballistic Nylon Shell
  • High-performance durable wheels
  • Protected Easy-Access Laptop Pocket
  • CAD-Designed, Lightweight Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Ergonomically-Designed Modobag Foot Rests
  • Extendable Towing Handle
  • Stowing/Lift Handles (Front/Rear Mounted)
  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • Side Mounted Pockets – 8″x11.5″ for tablets, 5″x6″ for phones
  • Separate zipped compartments
Interior Features

Perfect for tech enthusiasts!

  • Illuminated Dual USB Ports
  • Illuminated Power & LED Light Controls
  • Digital Battery Capacity Gauge




Belt Driven, Maintenance-Free, High Torque 150 Watt Electric


The bag weight is 20 pounds excluding the battery.


22″ Long X 9″ Wide X 14″ Tall.

Internal Capacity

1800 Cubic Inches Interior Storage Capacity

Max Speed And Duration

8 miles per hour (based on a 180-pound rider) for up to 8 miles using the outdoor speed setting.

The indoor speed setting is 4 miles per hour

Construction and Design

The frame is made of CAD-designed, lightweight 100% recyclable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis. It also has a high-strength DuPont 600d ballistic nylon shell with durable YKK zippers. Carbon Fiber/Magnesium foot peg assembly. Titanium axles.

Load Limit

The maximum rider weight is 260 pounds.


Modobag, Inc. warrants that for a period of one (1) year from the original date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser, the product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.


Rydebot Puledro Suitcase


The Rydebot Puledro is a great bag if you want a less expensive piece of luggage.

It is great for a lighter person, especially a child.

The Rydebot Puledro approved by TSA carry-on comes with two built-in USB ports so you can charge your phone or iPad, and is relatively lightweight compared to some of the competition.

Rydebot Puledro motorized suitcase


  • LED light showing battery time remaining
  • External dual USB ports for charging your electronics
  • The Rydebot Puledro battery is a removable Lithium Ion Battery -74Wh battery. Recharges in 2 hours.
  • 100 Watt Motor
  • TSA custom lock
  • Separate zipped laptop compartment
  • Can accommodate laptops up to 15″ in size.
  • Has reverse functionality




100 Watts


An empty Rydebot Puledro suitcase is 16.5 pounds with a battery.


The Rydebot Puledro size is 22″ High, 14″ Wide, and 9″ Depth

Internal Capacity

The Rydebot Puledro internal storage capacity is 26 liters. 12.5″ x 7.5″ x 15″ dimensions

Max Speed And Duration

The Rydebot Puledro maximum speed is 5 miles per hour on a flat surface for between 3 and 5 miles (depending on rider weight).

Construction and Design

The Rydebot Puledro luggage is made of double widened aluminum alloy frame that reinforces the suitcase from all sides and it is strong enough to hold an external weight of up to 220 pounds

Load Limit

The maximum rider weight is 220 pounds.


One-year manufacturer defects warranty on most parts.


Airwheel SE3Mini


Airwheel SE3Mini carry-on is lightweight and nimble.

Its maximum speed is a bit slower than the others in this report, but it does offer a good amount of space for your carry-on belongings.

Like all the others, it has multiple USB ports to charge your favorite accessories and converts from riding to towing quickly.

It comes from a company that has specialized in human transport for many years.


  • Illuminated Dual USB Charging Ports
  • TSA coded lock
  • Can climb hills up to 4 degrees
  • High-Performance Polyurethane Wheels
  • Integrated acceleration handle and electronic brake
  • Reverse gear
  • 2-hour charge time


$599.95 Euros


100 Watts


16.5 pounds


385mm X 250mm X 575mm

Internal Capacity

26 L

Max Speed And Duration

6 km/h (3.7 mph)

Construction and Design

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame to reinforce the suitcase at all sides, strong enough to hold the external pressure, providing a stress-free riding experience.

Load Limit

220 pounds


Could not determine


Airwheel sR5


We had to mention the Airwheel SR5 as it is a motorized suitcase that will follow you wherever you go.

Unlike the other motorized suitcases, you do not ride this piece of luggage. However, if you’ve ever had to drag a large suitcase around and try to simultaneously balance a carry-on and a larger bag together, you know this is a good idea.

It follows the wearer of a wrist strap that is paired with the luggage. It has intelligent obstacle avoidance technology and looks great as well.

airwheel SR5


  • Designed to adapt to a variety of road surface conditions, like carpets, tiles, marble, cement roads, asphalt roads, blind roads, airport conveyor belts, etc.
  • One button to switch to move from “auto-follow” mode to “tow” mode
  • Obstacle avoidance technology
  • SR5 can recognize the distance from the owner. Once the distance is out of security distance, the APP will alarm, and the band will also shake to alarm.
  • Use your smartphone to connect to the SR5. You can change settings such as speed, anti-lost alarm, and more. You can even steer it with your smartphone.
  • 2 USB ports to charge your phones and tablets
  • Two colors available – Black and Silver
  • TSA passcode lock


$649.00 Euros


30 Watts


13 pounds


20-inch (210X550X381mm)

Internal Capacity

30 L

Max Speed And Duration

6 km/h = 3.8 mph

Construction and Design

The aluminum alloy drawbar has been thickened and has been tested to have minimum shaking. SR5’s ABS and PC shell makes it lighter and sturdier. The internal material is Polyester fabric.

Load Limit



Could not determine


Well, there you have it! The motorized suitcase is also great for people who have mobility issues. If you have trouble carrying your own luggage, this could be a lifesaver. It’s also perfect for seniors or anyone who wants to avoid lifting heavy bags.

Be sure to research any luggage before you buy and feel free to send us pictures of you cruising through the airports!

What is the size of motorized luggage?

Nearly all rideable suitcases are meant to be carry-on luggage compatible. So they are typically around 22″x16″x10″.

What are the advantages of smart luggage?

Smart luggage offers several advantages:

1. Built-in GPS tracking: Smart luggage is equipped with GPS technology, allowing you to track your bags in real time using a smartphone app. This can help prevent the loss or theft of your luggage while traveling.

2. USB charging ports: Smart luggage often includes built-in USB charging ports, making it convenient to charge your electronic devices on the go. You won’t need to search for an available power outlet at the airport or worry about your devices running out of battery during your journey.

3. App-controlled features: Smart luggage typically comes with a dedicated smartphone app that allows you to access various features and settings. These may include location tracking, personalized settings, and even the ability to weigh your luggage using the app.

The availability of these features may vary depending on the specific brand and model of smart luggage.

How fast does a Rideable suitcase go?

Top speed varies by model and manufacturer but some get up to 7MPH on flat surfaces

How far can you go with a motorized suitcase?

Distance varies by manufacturer, weight of rider, and terrain. On smooth terrain, some models can go over 6 miles on a single charge.

Is motorized Luggage legal?

Smart luggage with removable batteries are legal, but the battery must be removed and carried onboard with you. Since most bags are carry-on compatible, you’re good to go.


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